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Grow your music career by investing in quality marketing services to get your brand and your songs in front of the right people.


As an artist, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is betting your career growth on acquiring features from other well-known artists. When you're starting out this tactic is not worth it. For that same investment, we can drive hundreds if not thousands of people to your music where they can get a sense of who you are as an artist. 

How do we do this? We implement marketing tactics and strategies used by some of the biggest brands, labels, and artists in the music industry. We keep our marketing organic and don't rely on gimmicks like bots - which never work in the long-term. 

Why choose a marketing service over bots?

Bots are (simply put) computer scripts that will generate likes, followers, or plays. They're cheap and can seem like a great choice at surface level, which makes them appealing to newer artists. However, it's not hard to recognize which accounts have used bots and which have garnered organic results through hard work, talent, and well-placed marketing. Bots stick out like a sore thumb to music producers and scouts which can negatively affect your reputation, and without actual fans or followers, you lose out on the growth that you'll require to build your brand. 

Instead, you can invest in yourself and your brand by choosing to market your music the right way, without the need for bots, and you can watch your social media accounts grow steadily and organically. 


Case Study: LAZ

LAZ is a new, up-and-coming rapper from Vancouver BC, Canada. We've been working with him on growing his music and brand using marketing tactics to carve out an audience. 

We have done everything from Facebook/Instagram Advertising to booking live shows. Without a doubt, Facebook Advertising and Playlists are more valuable than features and music videos for artists early into their careers.

We cannot guarantee that you may get the same results as you're about to see but we can guarantee that you'll be building a brand.

Playlist Submissions

We launched LAZ's biggest hit yet, "A-1", on August 30th, 2019. We employed a diverse and strategic playlist submission strategy that accumulated to over 20k Streams.

That strategy continues to pay off with around 150 plays a day.

Facebook/Instagram Advertising

For LAZ's song, "Ambition", we did a multipronged Facebook campaign that used different targetting methods and images to get the most out of the Facebook user base. 

The result was 206 clicks, which then lead to hundreds of streams, new fans and song saves - all for the small investment of $20 for advertising costs. 

This was a short campaign that only ran for one week. 

Results below:

Conclusion and Case Study Results

In conclusion, LAZ went from having no presence on Spotify and no fans to having 3,500 monthly listeners, 70 followers, having his music added to hundreds of playlists, having his songs saved thousands of times, and most importantly building a brand and getting Direct Messages from fans all over the world in just 5 short months.



What you get with this service

Create an advertising strategy

Create videos and images for campaigns

Manage campaigns and spending

Campaign reports

Regular updates

Marketing Strategist

Client support team

$99 per 30 Days

You provide the ad spend


What you get with this service

Create a strategic set of playlists to pitch

Track playlist performance

Manage playlist campaign

Campaign reports

Regular updates

Marketing Strategist

Client support team

$99 per campaign

You provide any submission costs

Frequently asked questions

Why don't I just advertise my music myself?

It's for the same reason why you don't mix or master your own music. There are naunces and skills that experts both naturally have and acquire through time to fine tune your music. Like with advertising we a team of naturally talented marketing strategists with the experience and results to back it up.

What kind of results can I expect with Facebook/Instagram advertising?

Every artist will get different results for some of the following reasons: Type of music, production and audio quality, artists talent, type of audience, etc.

What kind of results can I expect with playlists?

Results we be varied depending on the type of playlists you get into it and how many playlists you get in to. Also it depends upon your type of audience and the quality of your music.

Do you garauntee playlist spots?

No. We do not own these playlists and therefore do not garauntee playlists. We have a big network of playlist curators we work with and can pitch your song to.

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