H O W  W E  O P E R A T E  D I F F E R E N T L Y

After viewing our site, you decided that our previous work shows that we may be exactly what you need for your business. 

We meet in person or by phone for a free in-depth consultation to outline your goals and what you hope to achieve.

We agree on the contract.

After 30 days from the end of our contract we will check up on you and see how things are going. (Assuming you don't keep us on retainer)

You visit our site and look at our previous client work.

We converse about your required services by email or phone.

We send you a quote based on the goals and services we discussed.

We begin our work and hope for it to be as collaborative as possible.

Even after the 30 day check up we will stay in touch to answer any questions, help out or give advice.

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To help develop the next great brand or individual.