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More About The Stork

The stork has been widely seen throughout history and many cultures as a positive symbol. In many cultures it's seen as good luck. Although it more commonly symbolizes fertility and birth today. According to some folktales we will share with you, it will be obvious as to why people symbolize this giant, (6-10-foot wingspan) bird with birth. First off, let's get the very boiled down version of the folktales out of the way. Storks migrate great distances, anywhere it's resonably warm, so when storks would come back to lands they once found shelter in, it was a sign of spring coming back; which infers renewal and rebirth. Unborn Children's Souls Live in Lakes and Marshes According to some folklore, the souls of unborn children were said to be waiting in bodies of water like lakes and marshes, often where storks would go for food. It was said that as storks migrated they picked up the souls of these children and brought them to mothers that were expecting. German Folklore: In a German story, a woman found a wounded stork and nursed it back to health. In gratitude, the stork returned to her and gave her a magical donnerkeil which is a stork-stone, also known as a lightning stone. In that era, lightning was a symbol of fertilization and the stone was a symbol of a seed or egg. Hence - birth and motherhood. FUN FACT: Storks delivering babies down chimnies was created as an easy way to explain to your kids how babies arrived. Hans Christian Anderson wove this folklore into his 1838 fairy tale “The Storks.” The Greek emyptmology for the word "stork" is "mother-love" In Greek and Roman mythology, the goddesses Hera (Greek) and Juno (Roman), have the stork as a symbol for protecting ones home and ones nest. Storks where seen as so symbolic in Ancient Greece that Aristotle declared killing storks a crime. Some other facts that our ancestors thought about storks are: - A woman can become pregrant if a stork looks at her. - Harbingers of good fortune. - If a stork nested on your roof, it would bring you endless love from the goddess Venus (Roman).

What Does The Stork Symbolize?

According to many cultures the stork is a symbol of good luck. In Chinese culture it is seen as a sign of living a long life as the Chinese believe that storks lived incredibly long lives. For the more spiritual, here is what you need to know. Storks are a water affinity sign, which is a feminine energy, hence the motherhood, but here are all the symbolic meanings. -Purity -Fidelity -Renewal -Provision -New birth -Creativity -Longevity -Prosperity -Protection -Good luck -Motherhood If you see a stork these are the messages it may have for you. - This is a time of renewal and rebirth in your life. - Expect a new arrival - a special delivery in your life. - This is a time to reevaluate the safety of your home, and reinforce your sense of community. - Consider what new inventions, goals, or plans you can implement in your life. - This is a good time to pay respect and homage to your elders and ancestors. - Start fishing for new opportunities.

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